Actigraphy Monitoring: Sleep-Wake Pattern Assessments - Not Avalilable at this time

Actigraphy Monitoring Sleep Wake Pattern Assessment
An option for individuals participating in the CBTI program is the use of actigraphy which is a technology used for the ongoing assessment of your day to day sleep patterns and for tracking progress in the program. Actigraphy involves the use of an “Actiwatch” which is a wrist-worn device that can track a person’s sleep and wakefulness activity, as well as light exposure, 24 hours a day, seven days week.

The Actiwatch resembles a small wrist-watch and incorporates an activity sensor and memory chip so that it can time periods of rest and activity. The Actiwatch is worn 24-hours a day for the duration of the insomnia program, even when you bathe or shower. The information collected by the Actiwatch will be downloaded at each clinic visit, and will provide an accurate assessment of your periods of wake and rest (sleep or naps). This will give the sleep clinician a detailed indication of how the program may be working for you. The information collected by the Actiwatch will be reviewed with you at each visit so you will have visual feedback about your progress.

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