Nevin Arora, M.D.

Dr. Nevin Arora Sleep Medicine Doctor San DiegoDr. Arora comes to Integrative Insomnia and Sleep Health Center after completion of Psychiatry Residency at Georgetown University followed by Fellowship training in Sleep at Stanford. Upon entering medical school in Kansas City, Dr. Arora envisioned practicing medicine with a focus on healing the whole of a person through dialogue and understanding, in addition to medical expertise.

"Sleep is a relatively new field of study in medicine. The understanding of sleep as it relates to physical and mental health continues to grow; however the subjective feeling of a good or bad quality sleep can be traced back to the beginning of mankind. Providing a person with tools to gain confidence in their ability to obtain restful sleep creates more opportunity for a person to achieve their goals during waking life. There is no singular answer for optimal sleep and I believe that finding an ideal solution means understanding of the individual beyond the symptom. I truly look forward to finding the right answer for you and creating opportunities for goals to become reality."

~ Nevin Arora MD,

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