Derek Loewy, Ph.D.

Dr. Derek Loewy Clinical Psychologist and Sleep Medicine San DiegoDr. Derek Loewy is Co-founder and Clinical Director of IISHC. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and board-certified sleep specialist and behavioral sleep specialist. Dr. Loewy earned his doctoral degree in Canada at the University of Ottawa in 1996. Dr. Loewy completed his research fellowship at the University of Arizona in 1999 and his sleep medicine fellowship at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Center in 2001 during which time he co-founded the Stanford Insomnia Program. Dr. Loewy has over 20 years experience conducting sleep research, consulting with the sleep industry, and practicing clinical sleep medicine.

“I believe everyone has the potential for effective sleep because it’s a basic physical need. We need to sleep as much as we need to eat, drink, and breathe oxygen. The biological drive for sleep is so strong, in fact, that some sleep deprived people will fall asleep while driving their car. In such instances the need for sleep is so irrepressible that it can actually outweigh our drive for survival! Why then, if our need to sleep is so strong, do so many of us have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep when we want to? The answer is that sometimes things get in the way of our natural ability to sleep and these things can be quite powerful in their own right and in many cases just really stubborn to undo.”

“In the case of any poor sleeper, I feel that my task is to try to identify all factors that might be getting in the way of sleep working well for them and assist her or him in correcting these issues the best way possible with the goal of optimizing that individual’s sleep potential. This does not mean making everyone an eight-hour-a-night-sleeper. Often, it’s not how much sleep you get but how good the sleep is that you are getting. Sleep needs vary from person to person and not all sleep is created equal! Getting a few hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep is considerably more restorative to mind and body than hours and hours of shallow fragmented sleep. My goal is to help you get as much restorative sleep as your brain and body are capable of achieving.”

“One strength of the CBTI program is the removal of obstacles that are, at present, getting in the way of good sleep. The key is ‘present’. There are almost as many histories of insomnia as there are people with insomnia to tell them! One might conclude, therefore, that insomnia treatment must be highly complex because everybody’s so different. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. In my effort to understand the reasons why you might be struggling with sleep I am only partially interested in how you got here. Instead, I’m much more interested in why you’re still here! Since we can’t change the past, we focus on the so called ‘perpetuating factors’ of insomnia. These are the obstacles between you and good sleep that are active now.”

“The reason why insomnia treatment is not as complex as one might think is that when you get down to it there is a limited set of perpetuating factors that, in some combination apply to all insomnia sufferers. We just have to find out which ones they are and get to work!”

~ Derek Loewy, PhD
Diplomate, American Board of Sleep Medicine
Certified Behavioral Sleep Specialist

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